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The Valley Offensive is a fictional engagement between the US Army and Aliens. The battle takes place in an unspecified valley in the 2005 movie War of the Worlds, possibly somewhere in Massachusetts.

The BattleEdit

The movie shows the battle already in progress, but the view is obscured by a ridge. Civilian refugees were passing by at the same time, watching the explosions repeatedly flashing over the horizon. Soon after, a column of Marine Corps Humvees arrives down the opposite direction of the refugees. They then moved up to the top of the ridge to provide fire support for friendly forces already fighting in the distance.

The sudden presence of more military forces apparently excited the refugees, who quickly dashed toward the ridge to witness the battle or to find safety. The arrival of air support also meant that a nearby base was still operational. Tanks and armoured fighting vehicles soon joined up with the column.

A Marine Corps Captain gave a quick briefing to his officers that the purpose of the fire support was to delay the tripod advance until the refugees have safely fled, although majority of the civilians were on the ridge watching the battle as it ensued. As three tripods approached the ridge, the refugees began to flee. This meant that the military forces fighting below the ridge had most likely been annhilated, and the aliens had turned their attention to the Marines.

In a last effort to stall them and buy as much time as possible, an officer gives the command to charge the tripods. The entire column soon moves down the ridge toward the oncoming machines. The battle is then obscured again in the movie, but several loud explosions are heard, and a few burning Humvees are seen coming back down the ridge. A fireball, possibly napalm, then explodes behind the ridge, and a flaming tripod emerges along with two others. Despite being engulfed in the searing heat, it appeared to have no effect on the machine, and it was soon extinguished. By this time, it is clear that the Marines have been wiped out.

A second wave of air support soon arrived, but it was too late to save the Marines' column or many of the fleeing refugees, who were falling victims to the machines' Heat-Ray. Their missiles were also useless against the tripod's deflector shields, and the onslaught abruptly changes to Ray and Rachel Ferrier seeking shelter in the basement of a nearby house with Harlan Ogilvy.

Forces Edit

Humans: several Army soldiers and Marines, Abrams main battle tanks, HMMWVs, APCs, helicopters and several military jets, ranging from F/A-18 Hornets to A-10 Thunderbolt IIs.

Martians: 3 war machines

Result: Martian victory, destruction of many human machines, sizable refugee losses, Military forced back.

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