Tripod Attack is a popular internet flash game. In it, you play as an Alien Tripod from the 2005 film version of The War of the Worlds, and your objective is to destroy all enemies in the level. There are two bosses in the game.


The player simply uses the mouse to shoot their Heat Ray at targets. One must be careful when doing so, however, as your Ray energy may run out. Your shield protects your armor (health), and you can upgrade and repair your Tripod either after a level, or in the Upgrades menu on the main menu.


There are varying enemies in the game. Some are more frustrating than others, and a certain wave could easily take down the Tripod.

Human EnemiesEdit

  • Soldier - Standard infantry. These enemies are easy to kill, and attack with rifles.
  • Rocket Soldier - These enemies are slightly harder to kill, and fire missiles at the player.


  • Jeep - These enemies rush up to meet the Tripod, and attack with guns.
  • Helicopter - These flying enemies can get rather annoying, and attack with missiles and bullets.
  • Tank - Tanks will slowly advance upon the player, and fire explosive rounds at the player.
  • Cluster Missile Tank - These enemies launch cluster missiles at the player.
  • EMP Tanks - The EMP Tanks will fire an Electromagnetic Pulse, which will disable the player's shield, and blur their vision
  • Kamikaze Trucks.These trucks will run fast and hit the tripod to make damage.Kamikaze trucks are packed with explosives .
  • Planes - the planes will fire two missiles at the player ,which can easily destroy the players shield.


  • Hokum-B Helicopter- This boss fires powerful missiles at the player, which they must neutralize with their Heat Ray. When not shooting missiles, it is vulnerable to attack.
  • Burner-1K35 Laser Tank - This is the final boss of the game. It steals the player's shield, and uses it to make it's own. While inactive or stealing the player's shield, it is vulnerable to attack.


In the "Cool Menu" (unlocked by earning all achievments), when you select an option, the popular internet meme LOL Face appears.

Secrets Edit

This game has some secrets as well. The programmer left the following:

  • A secret upgrade: EMP protection
  • Five levels (no enemies are coded in them so basically you can't pass them), which means the game has 20 levels total, but only 15 are playable.


these secrets are coded outside the game field so you need to have the swf file or follow this link: and resize your browser window so you see this

Main Menu

Main menu

Level select(secret levels in tripod's feet)

Level select

Upgrades menu(secret upgrade in tripods feet)

Upgrades menu

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