The War of the Worlds is a 1953 film adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel.

The film's story is updated to the 1950s and transported to Los Angles, California. In addition, several other liberities were taken with the story. For example, the film does not feature the satire that Wells utilised much in Book Two of the novel. The novel's main character of an unnamed narrator were split between a main character named Dr. Clayton Forrester and a narrator who provides only an occasional commentary; whereas the Martians were depicted as small, brown, hulkish bipeds.

The film has a rather long history since Paramount secured the rights in the 1920s. Five unproduced scripts were written. Cecil B. DeMille was the first choice to direct. Sometime in the 1930s legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock was approached to direct, as was Sergei Eisenstein. Even Ray Harryhausen had considered making an adaptation, set in the book's original period, even going as far as making sketches and test reel. However, the project did not get off the ground until DeMille handed the project off to George Pál.

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