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"The Resurrection" is the first episode of the 1st season of the War of the Worlds TV series.




  • Originally aired as a 120 minute episode, but has been formatted as two 60 minute episodes in most subsequent re-airings for scheduling reasons. While many guides list it as a two-parter, its initial airing and release on DVD as one double-length episode should make this the official recognition.


  1. Dr. Harrison Blackwood: If I don't sleep one hour every five, I'm worthless.
  2. Dr. Suzanne McCullough: I'm not uptight! I'm a professional!
  3. Lt. Col. Paul Ironhorse: I don't believe in ghosts, and I sure as hell don't believe in aliens from another planet.
  4. [On the cottage.]
    Lt. Col. Paul Ironhorse: Without proper authority, no-one gets in and no-one gets out.
    Norton Drake: Makes pizza delivery a bit rough.[1]


  • Why do the aliens look different than they did in 1953?
  • Are there any more war machines left over from the 1953 invasion?
  • Why does no one remember the 1953 war of the worlds?
    The general population were apparently afflicted by a wave of 'selective amnesia'.[2]


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