The space craft is a new type of Martian fighting machine. It appears it lost the heat ray but replaced it with a teleportation beam, which substitues the grabbing tentacle as well. And through some sort of anti-gravity drive could fly in space and atmosphere. And they could use the teleport beam while they are "flying". And could walk with 3 legs that could fold for flight. The biggest change however is the fact that there is no martian pilot. But the ship is in fact a cybernetic organism. Plus it has been confirmed that when someone was "zapped" they didn't die but were taken to the belly of the ship and either they had there blood sucked or were horribly digested.

Martian Wing War of The Worlds: Goliath

This ship was the Martian's secret weapon to destroy New York. It was destroyed by the "Leviathan" an A.R.E.S airship which fought it and eventually rammed straight into it destroying it. Its only weapon was a giant heat ray capable of destroying buildings and giant airships.

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