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The aliens attempt to infiltrate the human drug scene with a designer drug that turns humans into homicidal maniacs. The scientists responsible for developing the drug have run into problems, prompting the Advocacy to send an Envoy to speed things along. Soon the head scientist is replaced, to presumably die a grisly death off-screen at the caverns, and the aliens are making real progress. They even send one of their victims, former vice detective Jack Sawyer, into a strip club where he proceeds to tear up the place.

Meanwhile, with strange drug overdoses all over Chicago, the team attempts to infiltrate the Chicago police departmentas DEA agents. Lieutenant Novak doesn't trust them, though, and soon manages to break their cover story. A call from the ever-referenced but seldom seen General Wilson straightens things out with a new cover story; they're an anti-terrorist unit. But soon even that proves insufficient and Harrison tells Novak the truth. With some help from her mob contacts, they locate the alien base and storm it. What they find is a host of dead aliens and drug-addled victims of alien experimentation. The drug, you see, turns humans indiscriminately violent, and so the aliens abandon this line of attack as too risky to themselves.[1]

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