Sheen is the village where the fifth Martian projectile landed (destroying the village in the process) a few seconds after midnight on Tuesday in June 1902 (Day Five of the Invasion). It is noteworthy as it is the site where the author of The War of the Worlds witnesses at length the workings of the Martians at one of their encampments.

The author - and a curate who happened to be travelling with him - are trapped in the ruins of a house in Sheen that they had broken into in order to get food. Their abode ends up at the actual inner slope of the crater, from which both people observe the goings-on of the Martians. Observations included:

1) Actions of the Martians themselves 2) Observing the functioning of the handling-machine 3) Refining of crude clay into alumninum components 4) Observing the autonomous-functioning Embankment Machine 5) The action of the Martians killing humans for their blood

The author notes that the Martians have no vocal language and suppose that they use telepathy to communicate with each other. Also that there is reason to suppose that they use their tentacles to move about on Mars (Earth's gravity making that impossible).

The Sheen Landing site was abandoned by the Martians on Day Fifteen of the Invasion, whence they moved over to the Primrose Hill Landing Site in London.

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