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Blackwood, Suzanne, Kincaid and Debi are now on the road in Kincaid's van, determined to continue their work against the aliens. They are heading to a sage place Kincaid knows of, but are already being followed by aliens.

Kincaid manages to run off the road before taking the group to their new home in an abandoned factory, where an old military command bunker located underground. Kincaid tries to make contact again with the military, but Wilson is still missing, and it is obvious that the Blackwood Project has been abandoned.

Harrison and Kincaid decide to take a second look at the alien headquarters, but after arriving they find it empty except for two aliens, who have returned for a piece of vital equipment left behind. The aliens are killed in a fight, and the men return the device to their command center, not realizing that the aliens can home in on the equipment's location.

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