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Leviathan is a Battle-Zepplin used by the Allied Resistance Earth Squadron.[1]

Technology & Combat Characteristics Edit

The Leviathan's tech is some what combined with early and late 20th century tech since the airship has three massive engines to the aft (rear) is somewhat a jet or rocket engine. The power source is unknown probably a steam engine and feeds the engines of this Battle-Zepplin Ship. Radar is fitted on the mast of the airship and that radar can detect anything above or below the ship and detects contingents wide.

The weapons on the Leviathan are both ship-to-ship and anti-aircraft weapons, plus two squadrons of tri- and biplanes. The Leviathan's primary weapon is a human made Heat-Ray Cannon or gun that can deploy top or bottom of the ship since it is inside of the ship.

History Edit

Crew Members Edit


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