Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds is a an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game designed by Rage Software for the PC. It is based on Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, which is itself based on the H.G. Wells novel, The War of the Worlds. You can choose to either play as the Martians or Humans. Playing the human game first is reccomended for beginners. The game also features music from the original Musical War of the Worlds, remixed with techno beats and an electronica style


In the game, you insert the corresponding disc for which side you'd like to play as Human or Martian. It gives a small intro explaining the story. You then name the campaign you're playing, and begin. You control units by right clicking on them, and clicking on enemies to attack, selecting certain options by holding the right click button, and letting go on the option.

Human UnitsEdit

  • Armoured Lorry - A light, fast attack vehicle.
  • Armoured Track Layer - The primary attack vehicle.
  • Tunneling Track Layer - A modified Track Layer with a drill to dig underground.
  • Self-Propelled Gun - A fast vehicle that can position heavy guns quickly.
  • Mobile Anti-Aircraft Array - A unit designed to shoot down aerial targets.
  • Sapper's Lorry - A vehicle that carries engineers to build defences.
  • Ironclad - A powerful battleship that bombards enemies from the water.
  • Sumbersible - A submarine that can only attack when surfaced.
  • Observation Balloon - A dirigible that can be used to spy on enemies or attack with bombs.
  • Construction Vehicle - Carries workers around the battlefield to construct buildings.
  • Mobile Repair Vehicle - Carries field engineers to repair vehicles and emplacements.
  • Mortar Bike - A vehicle that is used to infiltrate enemy positions, while also being able to attack at short range.


  • Command Post - Allows construction of vehicles in the vicinity.
  • Repair Workshop - Repairs vehicles brought to it.
  • Vehicle Factory - Constructs land-based vehicles.
  • Training Centre - A support facility that provides access to specialist units.
  • Ship Yard - Manufactures water-based vehicles.
  • Aircraft Hangar - Constructs aircraft.
  • Munitions Factory - Provides specialist weaponry for vehicles.
  • Construction Labs - Allows access to advanced vehicles.
  • Steel Refinery - Processes iron.
  • Coal Mine - Supplies power to facilities.
  • Oil Refinery - Refines oil for vehicles.


  • Traps - Mines that damage Martian units.
  • Blockades - Fences that can be mounted with explosives.
  • Medium Gun Posts - Light defensive cannon that can be installed rapidly.
  • Heavy Gun Emplacements - A naval artillery gun.
  • Anti-Aircraft Array - Special weapons designed to combat aerial targets.

Martian UnitsEdit

  • Scouting Machine - A light and fast attack vehicle.
  • Fighting Machine - The primary attack unit.
  • Handling Machine - A slow vehicle that constructs the Martian buildings. Armed with a light Heat Ray for self-defense.
  • Digging Mechanism - A machine used to build defences.
  • Tempest - An extremely powerful vehicle armed with two heavy Heat Rays and a Black Smoke canister launcher.
  • Electric Machine - A close-combat vehicle that uses powerful eletricity bolts.
  • Bombarding Machine - An attack vehicle that, ture to it's name, bombards enemies with Black Smoke canisters.
  • Flying Machine - An aerial attack vehicle with a light Heat ray and poor armour.
  • Scanning Machine - A machine used to scan the area for traps.
  • Constrictor - A vehicle that traps enemies in a chemical foam.
  • Xeno-Telepath: A special vehicle that uses pyschic powers to make it's target attack it's own allies.
  • Drone - A small kamikaze unit that damages anything within it's vicinty once it explodes.


  • Communications Centre - The Martian equivalent of a Command Post.
  • Power Plant - A building that supplies power to the Martian units.
  • Human Farm - These buildings process human blood for Martian forces.
  • Copper Forge - Copper Forges produce copper used in Martian constructs.
  • Heavy Element Facility - Produces radioactive isotopes used as power sources for Martian units.
  • Repair Facility - Repairs damaged units.
  • Constructor - Manufactures most of the land-based Martian forces.
  • Energy Weapon Plant - Provides access to high-powered units.
  • Suspension Field Site - Allows construction of the Flying Machine.
  • Telepath Training Centre - Allows access to the Xeno-Telepath.
  • Biochemical Plant - Produces potent chemicals used against human forces.
  • High Explosives Plant - Provides powerful weaponry for advanced vehicles.


  • Blockades - Walls of plasma that repel enemies.
  • Rapid Heat Ray - A small Heat Ray mounted on a turret stand for defense against human forces.
  • Projectile Launcher - A defense mechanism that fires Black Smoke canisters at enemies.
  • Heat Ray Turret - An effective defense with high shielding and a formidable Heat ray.

Videos Edit

Let's Play Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Martian Intro08:23

Let's Play Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Martian Intro

Let's Play Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Human Intro06:59

Let's Play Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Human Intro

Let's Play Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Human P1a14:55

Let's Play Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Human P1a

Let's Play Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Human P1b13:14

Let's Play Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Human P1b

Let's Play Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Human P1c14:36

Let's Play Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Human P1c

Let's Play Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Human P1d15:07

Let's Play Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Human P1d


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