War of the Worlds the New Generation

The Next Generation Poster

Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds – The New Generation is a 2012 concept album by Jeff Wayne and is a follow-up to his 1978 concept album, retelling the story of The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. As before, its format is progressive rock and string orchestra, using narration and leitmotifs to carry the story via rhyming melodic lyrics that express the feelings of the various characters. Due to the consistent popularity of the original album, Wayne decided to return to his score and re-create it for a new generation of audiences, as well as re-launch a live tour throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Cast Edit

  • Liam Neeson as the Narrator
  • Gary Barlow as the sung thoughts of the Narrator
  • Rickey Wilson as the Artillaryman
  • Maverick Sabre as Parson Nathaniel
  • Joss Stone as the Parson's WIfe
  • Alex Clare as the voice of humanity
  • Lewis Macleod as the voice of the Martians
  • Jerry Wayne as the voice of NASA, Jerry is also Jeff Wayne's Late Father

The Album uses the same recording of Jerry Wayne in the track 'Epilogue Part 2 (NASA)'.


Liam Neeson In the album's live tour

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