The Horsell Common Massacre was an event that occurred at the Horsell Common Landing Site, in which the Martians killed several people with the Heat Ray. It was waged on the first day of the Invasion.


The Narrater\H.G. Wells saw 200 people in and around the pit. Soon the Cylinder opened and two Martians appeared and dragged a that man went up to the Cylinder to searth for anything. The man was soon dragged down and killed thus begining the massacre.


Several men decided to carry a white flag to show them that they were intelligent creatures too. A Fighting-Machine rose from the Cylinder and fired its Heat-Ray killing all but a few people and the Narrater\H.G. Wells. The survivers ran in a panic and crushed two women and a boy thus ending the masscre.  


All the survivers went home and soon the Military was warned and the people were ordered to escape Woking.

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