Horsell common sand pits the war of the worlds

The landing site as it is today (Image is from WOTW Woking website)

The Horsell Common Landing Site was the initial bridgehead of the Martian Invasion. Loccated between the Surrey villages of Woking, Ottershaw, and Horsell, the first projectile landed just a few seconds after midnight on a Friday morning in June 1902. First discovered by an astronomer named Ogilvy just after Dawn on Friday, the projectile rapidly became an object of local interest - due to (a) it's size, and (b) the crater that the projectile had made on impact.

Initial Martian Appearance Edit

Shortly before six PM that evening, the end of the projectile - which had by that time cooled down from the heat generated by its entry into Earth's atmosphere - fully unscrewed itself from within (it had partilly been unscrewed from within earlier that day). The crowd watching this event saw the first Maritan appear. The unfamiliar and (to most) repugnant sight of the Martian caused a general panic. One spectator who had fallen into the crater was captured and (evidentally) killed by the emerged Martians.

Initial Defense and Preparations Edit

After the dispersal of the crowd, the martians rapidly set up a defense, consisting of a parabolic mirror on a long rod. This mirror was the aiming point of the Heat Ray weapon, which was deployed for the first time at approximately seven PM against a group of people who tried to approach the crater under a white flag. Their deaths at the hands of this weapon dissuaded any further (organized approach).

After night fully fell, this mirror was used to project a beam of light that swept the common - catching a couple of adventurous persons who tried to use the cover of night to creep up quite close to the crater. The heat-ray was instantly ready to fire on anything caught in its light.

It was during this time that the Martians began assembling their Fighting Machines, which were first deployed on the afternoon of Day Two of the Invasion.

Countermeasures and first attack Edit

Units of the British Army cordoned off the common from Civilians in the morning of Saturday. Their positions were wiped out - along with the villages of Woking, Woking Station, Ottershaw, and Horsell - when the Martians emerged from the crater at approximately 5pm. The reason for the emergence was the appearence of artillery pieces - one of which was shelling the site of the second Martian landing at Addlestone.

Initially, the first fighting maching crawled out of the crater on its lower tentacles, then staggered up on its tripod legs - probably so as to give the second fighting machine being assembled space to stand up. Once these two fighting machines were in action, all resistance to them were swiftly dealt with by the heat rays. The two fighting machines then secured the area around the second landing site, then started to transfer its occupants - and machinery - to the Horsell crater.

Day Three Edit

Day Three was the last full day of the Horsell site being used by the Martians. After the third landing site - at Pyrford - was secured, the Martians transferred assets from the third site to Horsell and then started on their initial foray, destroying Chobham, Chertsey, Weybridge, and Shepperton (though at the latter site, one fighting machine was destroyed by artillery), before retreating to Horsell. It was there that the black smoke weapons were constructed, then deployed against the British Army units defending London, causing their destruction and resulting in the disorganized evacuation of the city. After this, the Horsell Encampment was abandoned.

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