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Astrophysicist whose parents were killed in the 1953 invasion. He was adopted following the events of the film by Dr. Clayton Forrester and Blackwood's character is played very much to resemble Forrester down to his demeanor, dress, and even his speech and appearance. He is a pacifist and a vegetarian, and is often seen practicing many alternative health techniques such as yoga.

Blackwood was at one time apparently involved in a relationship with a woman name Charlotte. She was evidently waiting for him to propose marriage.but was frustrated by his eccentricity and casual persona while Charlotte was a more traditional, conservative, socialite.

Blackwood used a tuning fork to help him concentrate and was also a skilled hypnotist. He used the latter to convince a police deputy to release him and his colleagues from a jail cell.

During the events of the second invasion, when the world became a more dystopian environment, Blackwood had lost his sense of humor and was a more cynical, pragmatic individual. He also gave up his quirky habits and adopted a more militaristic attitude towards the new alien invaders. Although this was more intensified after the loss of Norton and Ironhorse, he had already become gruff and dour prior to this. His relationship with John Kincaid was smoother than with Ironhorse due to his now less pacifistic demeanor.

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