The H.M.S. Thunder Child Battle was the last battle fought in the Invasion.


H.G. Wells' relative tried to escape London and help two women. Unfortunately, three Martian Fighting-Machines were following them and thousands of people to a bay where several ships lay in wait to transport people to France.


The H.M.S. Thunder Child's mission was to attack the Martians and keep them from the ships. The Martians waded through the water but the brave little ship sailed as fast as it could with the cheering people encouraging it to go on. It ramed the first Martian and then steamed towards the second, which fired its Heat-Ray and almost destroyed it but it was ramed and destroyed by the ship. The third dissapeared.


The Thunder Child was sunk and the passenger ships escaped to France. The third Martian probably went back to its headquarters in Horsell Common. The other two were sunk also.

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