The fighting machine shield was made for George Pal's version of The War of the Worlds. The shield, which was

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Fighting Machines Protected By Shields

dome-like in apperance, was invisible until something struck it. The shield was probably electromagnetic, as the heat ray and skeleton beams could pass through it untouched. Steven Spielberg put this in his 2005 blockbuster, with similar descriptions as George Pal's movie. Eventually bacteria rendered the shields useless, and the fighting machine was destroyed. In the original book, the fighting machines did not have shields, but their weapons were so powerful, they were able to easilly wipe out the armies who stood in their way. 

Role in 1953Edit

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Fighting Machine Protected By Shield.

In the 1953 version of the War of the Worlds, the shield's main purpose to protect the Fighting Machines from being destroyed by enemy fire. The electormagnetic pulse litterally stops anything before it hits the machine. When all options were tried, the millitary decided to use the atomic bomb on the Martians. But the shields were so powerful, that when the bomb exploded, all the martian war machines did not have a scratch on them. The only thing that could heat ray and skeleton beams could pass through the shield is the heat ray and skeleton beams.

In filming the movie, the shields were glass domes that were placed over each fighting machine. They looked invisible, until hit with a light.