The Cylinder crashes into Horsell Common!

The Cylinders were the transports used by the Martians to reach Earth. From Mars, the cylinders were fired (or launched) at Earth and reached it in ten Earth months. In all, ten cylinders were fired in the 1902 invasion. No reason for why the shots ceased after just ten were ever given, but three theories have been forwarded:

1. The exhaust gasses from the gun/magnetic accelerator on Mars greatly polluted its atmosphere, causing greater-than-expected inconvenience.

2. The gun/hydrogen accelerator itself was badly damaged and rendered unusable.

3. The first ten were a reconnaissance team, and that if they didn't report back the invasion was called off.


Each cylinder could hold five Martians, three or four bipedal martian creatures which served as provisions, five semi-disassembled Tripods, two semi-disassembled Handling Machines, and the materials to build one Flying Machine. The diameter of each cylinder is approximately thirty yards. The Cylinder also comes equipped with a Heat-Ray Cannon to blow up anybody who stands anywhere near the cylinder. Once the extermination of the humans is complete, the Martians will build their machines and weaponry.

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The Cylinder Unscrews

Note: Wells' description of the projectile as a 'cylinder' is based upon observations of the uncovered portion. It is almost certain that the forward portion is tapered, so a more apt description of the projectile would be that of a 'giant bullet'.

The external encrustation of the projectile's outer hull is an ablative material designed to radiate heat from the atmospheric entry away from the interior. The metal used in the construction of the projectile is 'an unfamiliar alloy with a yellowish hue'. In addition, the interior of the projectile was lined with metal bars and other components that served to strengthen the hull.

Landing SitesEdit

The following were the landing sites in Surrey, the ten Martian Cylinders as described in Wells' novel:

1. Horsell Common
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The Cylinder in Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the World's.

2. Addlestone Golf Links

3. Pyrford

4. Bushey Park

5. Sheen

6. Wimbledon

7. Primrose Hill

Locations In The BroadcastEdit

1. Grover's Mill New Jersey

2. Jersey Swamps

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A Private Millitary Drawing

Locations in the 1953 movieEdit

1. Linda Rosa

2. LA Countryside


THE WAR OF THE WORLDS The Cylinder Unscrews

THE WAR OF THE WORLDS The Cylinder Unscrews



'War of the Worlds' 1953 White flag scene

'War of the Worlds' 1953 White flag scene