• Echo Spy


    January 1, 2018 by Echo Spy

    Hello War Of The Worlds World!

    My name is Jay, and I write this blog post to inform you that I want to adopt this wiki to introduce a new modern era to it, and overall complete the mission of making this the best source for all things War Of The Worlds-related!

    I'm a big designer, an incredible coder, and a great editor! I am an administrator and bureaucrat across almost 20 television wikis, the biggest being the Criminal Minds Wiki, the Pretty Little Liars Wiki and upcoming shows like the The Heiresses Wiki and the Castle Rock Wiki. My greatest project in terms of design and coding project (it's still in the works) is the Altered Carbon Wiki. I list those examples to prove to you that I'm capable of not only prove that I can revamp a wiki fr…

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