Fought as part of the 1902 Invasion of the British Empire, it was a Martian victory.


After the Destruction of Weybridge and Shepperton, the British Authority ordered hundreds of cannon to be placed all around London and all the surrounding countryside, because of the Tripods weakeness. Meanwhile, the Narrator went by boat to a nearby town, were he met the Curate, and also witnessed the Fourth Cylinder landing. They then walked to nearby Surrey to safety.


Three Martian Fighting-Machines walked to Surrey and attacked by cannon-fire coming from a hill with one of them being hit in the leg and it went down. Its comrades destroyed the cannon with Heat-Ray and then helped there friend repair the leg. Then reinforcments arrived and soon they went in cresant formation, and released the soon to be famous Black Smoke. The rest of the cannon fired but not for long, as soon as the cannon were silenced they went back to the Fourth Cylinder to bring the good news.


London, along with the rest of the counrty was shocked. People began scrambling to flee the country but still many were killed in the Fall of London. The Narrator, and the Curate fled from Surrey Londonward but were to soon be cut off by another Cylinder.

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