It was a battle that took place in the Invasion of Earth.


After the first Cylinder landed the Martians they then prepared to help there fellows from geting destroyed by the British Army in the second cylinder. The British had to try to destroy the Martians in the first Cylinder, and try to keep them from getting at their fellows.


It began on the third day of the Invasion when two company's of Men, a company of calvary, and several cannon stared bombarding the first Cylinder. Soon a Martian Fighting-machine went up and killed almost all the men with Heat-Ray except several men which all except one ran to the woods two more Martian Fighting-Machines came up and the three began taking the survivors and knocking there heads against the tree's.


The one man that survived then went to Woking. Meanwhile the Martians then went to the second Cylinder. The Army soon knew that the only way to kill Martians was to use Artillery only. 



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